HEXADECA is a participatory work empowering audiences to engage with art through tactile play.

This music-making playground invites the public to become the conductors. As the audience spins in the bespoke glowing seats, they activate portions of a musical score, revealing the soundscape in its entirety only when each seat is occupied.

The joy that exudes from HEXADECA is universal. It transcends generational, socio-economic and cultural barriers, providing space for indulgent play and an authentic collective experience.


Sound is a cornerstone of the work and the element that coalesces HEXADECA, transforming the structure from a playground to a participatory work of art. The core music for the work has been custom composed and recorded by 8 Australian artists.

The tracks range from electronic to choral to brass to beatboxing and everything in between. Regardless of when each segment of the track is introduced, it aligns seamlessly to ensure a consistently satisfying aural experience no matter how many seats are spinning.


Aurora (YAV) x Keira Simmons
Tim Koch
Belinda Gehlert
Kiah Gossner
Lewis But-Husaim
Rob Edwards
Adam Page
Tom Thum

About the Artist

Pulsing Heart is a South Australian creative studio redefining participatory art through making and touring large scale installations, or as we like to call it, “BIG ART”. Our whimsical projects become the beating heart of public spaces, inviting participation and play regardless of ability, age or culture. From town squares and festival arteries to art galleries and music festivals, we believe participatory art should be at everyone’s fingertips.