This year, Malvern East’s Central Park showcases the extraordinary talents of Australia’s leading light art and inflatable sculpture creatives, offering a never-before-seen collection of breathtaking artworks.

Escape to the Alps by Volter International

A fantastical journey to a neon alpine forest with breath-taking scenery. A winter wonderland for the imaginatively adventurous – ski the slopes, ride a toboggan, play with a giant Snowman and lots more. The debut light art activation for the creative team at Volter International.


Monsters Love You… But Might Eat You by Maurice Goldberg

A huge, colourful inflatable artwork that explores the joyous and powerful spirit of human beings while asking us to stop hiding in our crevices and celebrate what makes us different.


Conservatory by Melinda Hetzel & Co. and Niow

An extraordinary live performance which reflects absence and presence, playfully revealing and obscuring moments of loneliness and joy in the life of a solitary character who lives within a plant-filled biosphere. The installation affirms the threads of interconnectedness between human beings and the rapidly changing world we live in.


Tree Man by ENESS

A glowing beacon of inflatable light, this sculpture highlights the importance of humans connecting with and nurturing the environment. Referencing the glowing lights of our devices, it is a response to our digital-driven culture – a notion encapsulated visually through the sculpture’s screen-shaped head. From ENESS, a multi-award-winning art and technology studio led by artist Nimrod Weis.


Glittering Night by Skunk Control

“A place, in the back of one’s mind, that was dreamt of when the moon was full and the stars sung in harmony. It gently sings and sways and asks us to consider what it is and why it has re-emerged in winter”. From Skunk Control.