This year we saw larger than life light installations, the illusion of a forest filled with colour and illuminated neon signs come to Central Park.

The 2019 festival art installations included:

Wonderdome – premiering in all its glory so we could immerse ourselves in a world of colour and light and watch a universe of dazzling effect swirl around us. This was a dome of pixels glowing in the distance where globes of light appeared to hang in mid-air as we walked towards them in the darkness. We were invited to step inside and be transported to a magical place.

Minor Disturbance – ocean sounds, sonar pings, Morse Code – think the Great Barrier Reef as this interactive installation blends the beauty of our oceans with the plastic pollution that threatens them. The magnificent Secrets of the Golden Elm Tree revealed as shimmering, twinkling lights that projected on to its trunk and branches. Visitors both young and young at heart were mesmerised by the experience as they gazed on in wonder.

Seasons – we all fondly refer to Melbourne as being four seasons in one day, in this art installation we experienced them all in this theatrical light production of Seasons. We went from a summer’s day to the warm hues of an autumn leafy forest.

String Symphony – brought a giant marionette to life and we helped by grabbing one of 12 ropes while working with other volunteers. The creation, by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, used 600 LED lights and more than a kilometre of hand-woven rope. We watch and marvelled at the joy and beauty of the giant puppet as it came to life.

Red Air – captured the spirit of the future where a First Nations aesthetic merged seamlessly with contemporary Australia. It celebrated the ancient past while simultaneously creating something very new and modern for all Australians.

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