Choosing Paradise is a dynamic wake-up call urging each of us to envision the future we want to create. Inspired by a vivid dream, this sculpture challenges us to imagine Utopia, to see the beauty and love we can choose instead of succumbing to life’s challenges.

It emphasizes that we have a choice, and the process of imagining, creating, building, and experiencing paradise is ours within an interconnected matrix of humankind. Depending on our focus, what we imagine can be destructive or constructive. Our eyes not only see the future but feel it—they are the “windows to our soul.” They remind us that we have a choice. Although we may not always understand the events in our lives, we can choose how to respond, opting for constructive actions that lead to a better version of ourselves and a healthier world.

This 14-metre inflatable sculpture integrates music, video, and dramatic form to convey that we are all creators of our world. It highlights the connection between our imagination, actions and our collective fulfilment to support future sustainability on planet Earth.

Maurice Goldberg has collaborated with interdisciplinary artist Andy Forbes to produce a video integrated into the installation’s large, torch-like tail. Musician and composer Joe Scerri, known as Lake Lustre, created the expansive soundscape.

About the Artist

Maurice Goldberg focuses on using creativity to change how we think and connect. His architectural education informs his bold public art, which has a strong sense of place-making and visual identity. He is passionate about creativity and believes its transformative power can change the world.

With a love of collaboration, creative technologies, and exploring the human psyche, Maurice produces big, colourful, and audacious work while celebrating organic forms and the idiosyncrasies of handmade design.