Glow Festival 2017

The year that the spectacular Glow Winter Arts Festival that gave us a glimpse of winter magic, winter wonderland.

City of Stonnington organised Glow Winter Arts Festival across several locations which was all about light, magic, joy and opening your mind to exciting and unexpected, wonderful and colourful.Central Park in Malvern East invited us to step into Alice Garden (where the name speaks for itself). Or you could walk through huge illuminated letter ‘O’ in the word GLOW. Hedgeley Denn Gardens in Malvern East was the place to get Advice from Butterfly, a kaleidoscope of butterflies made the light posts of Stonnington their home as their vivid colours were in constant change. Also, there was Enchanted Gardens in Malvern Gardens that took us on a journey through an enchanted village inside a forest invited us to re-imagine our community. Greville Production light show on the facades of the building in Chapel Street showed us the nooks and crannies of Greville street. We were taken into the twilight and beyond as they lit up in unexpected spaces, shining light on stories and thoughts in unique ways. Music, opera and performance arts were on offer as well across various locations. It was truly a magical experience.
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