It is often said that for every decision, conscious or otherwise, a new timeline is created that carries forth, itself branching out into other multiple possible futures, creating a complex system of junctures. Such complexity is often best explained with and seen in nature’s tree systems, where countless root junctures are established and move forth to nourish and stabilise.

Delicate Deliberations is a glistening bed of over 1,000 flowers celebrating the grand old tree above them. The flowers are comprised of optical filters that reflect and transmit light and colour. Constructed with technology that mimics nature, the materials create colour changes; resulting in highly visceral light and colour effects.

The flowers that have sprung to life in Delicate Deliberations represent junctures and decision points, given form and light to communicate the complexity and to demonstrate the synergies between all life on earth.

About the Artist

Skunk Control create engaging and immersive experiences that provide the public with a sense of wonderment and opportunities to make delightful discoveries.

Drawing on technology, art and their fondness for all things left of field.  Their mantra is to create works that encourage a belief in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Skunk Control’s creations are informed by large dollops of colour, light and a splash of whimsy that harkens back to their formative years of learning.