In dark times, where clarity is diffuse, sounds are muffled, and nature waits for shards of light…heralds of light spring into existence to offer solace, balance and respite. Evolving to appear at pertinent times and places, personal insight is a consequence of their internal exchanges. Delegates of nature, bastions of hope, warriors of light… they offer enlightenment and awareness and sustain a sense of delight.

Encircled Enlightenment is an installation of 42 bulbous flowers rising from a watery bed, reaching pinnacles of up to 3 meters. These flowers illuminate and undergo change. Each petal is inlaid with optical filters that cast deep and vibrant colours on surrounding areas.

About the Artist

Skunk Control create engaging and immersive experiences that provide the public with a sense of wonderment and opportunities to make delightful discoveries.

Drawing on technology, art and their fondness for all things left of field.  Their mantra is to create works that encourage a belief in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Skunk Control’s creations are informed by large dollops of colour, light and a splash of whimsy that harkens back to their formative years of learning.