The Overbloom

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 Image: Preview of The Overbloom by Mandylights for its first viewing at this year's Glow Winter Arts Festival in June 2022. 
By Mandylights  

View this stunning and immersive outdoor installation after dark at Central Park from 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Thursday 16 June 2022 to Sunday 19 June 2022

The notion of metamorphosis is captured in nature itself - the ebb and flow of growth and decay, dependent on the shift of seasons and sunlight. The heightened moment of full bloom is always sought after and awaited. However, it is but a moment in the journey of growth and transformation.

As the sun sets the iconic fountain at Central Park will be engulfed by 1,000 glittering, small flowers embedded into the gardens, trailing to a giant flower alight in its glory.

The Overbloom seeks to capture the beauty of the full bloom in a celebration of physical scale. 

In a mass of numbers and size, The Overbloom reflects the joy in growth, the pleasure of the journey, and the pause to capture a moment of anticipation and astonishment.

About the artist

Mandylights has been working around the world for over 16 years. Their team of designers, producers and technicians deliver end-to-end entertainment architecture for concert touring, special events, light artworks, broadcasts and immersive experiences.

Mandylights light entire cityscapes and bridges, immerse people in stunning visual environments, take to the world's largest stadiums and arenas with concert tours and create one-of-a-kind experiential activations for any entertainment application.

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