Taking Flight

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Preview of Taking Flight supplied by Carla O’Brien for its first viewing at this year's Glow Winter Arts Festival in June 2022.

By Carla O'Brien      

View this stunning outdoor installation after dark at Central Park from 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Thursday 16 June 2022 to Sunday 19 June 2022

“They who leap for the sky may fall, it is true. But they may also fly.”  

Flight is invigorating. Flight is liberating. From the beginning of time, it has been the stuff of human dreams; the rainbow serpent, the magic carpet ride, the glider, the hot air balloon.  

Flight is freedom, adventure and beauty. Flight is seeing our earth and, in turn, seeing ourselves from a different vantage point.  

It is the ultimate expression of human achievement, of endeavour, of metamorphosis. For when we change where we are, we often change ourselves. 

Melbourne Large Scale Light Artist Carla O’Brien invites you to take flight on her latest neon creation, Taking Flight: A Neon Hot Air Balloon Experience. 

Taking Flight is a 3D, almost life-size Hot Air Balloon masterfully engineered and made from a laser and hand-cut aluminium and LED Neon Flex; a touchable, low wattage revolutionary replacement for glass neon.  

Carla O’Brien's art is interactive, joyful, imaginative and will take you on a colourful journey in the skies while remaining securely earth-bound. 

Taking Flight is accessed via a ramp and the entrance is 800mm in width.

About the artist    

Carla O'Brien's career as a visual artist began in 2009 after experiencing the world-renowned Burning Man festival in Nevada, USA. Her primary medium is LED Neon Flex, a revolutionary replacement for traditional Glass Neon. 

Carla creates awe-inspiring neon art installations now seen at festivals and events and in restaurants, bars and peoples' private collections. Her highly interactive neon installations are social media and crowd favourites.  

For Glow Winter Arts Festival 2022, she is creating her largest and most ambitious art piece to date, a 3D Neon Hot Air Balloon. 

Website | carlaobrien.com

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