String Symphony



Artist     Leon Hendroff and Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

String Symphony is a large-scale, interactive performance installation that uses puppetry to explore connection, community and collaboration. The giant marionette, hand-woven using more than one kilometre of woven rope, comes to life only when twelve strangers each take a string and choose to work together. The illuminated puppet sits within a truss cube, creating a framing for the installation and a focal point for any event of public space. As the twelve participants work together to manipulate the puppet, onlookers marvel at the joy and beauty of the giant puppet as it comes to life. This is a joyful, engaging and visual stunning work that appeals to all-ages and offers a high impact piece for festivals and outdoor events.

About the artist

Leon is a designer and illustrator with a speciality in puppets. He has worked in the graphic design and illustration industry for a number of years before branching into puppet theatre, a passion since childhood. In the early 90s when Leon was about 10-11 years old, he started attending kids workshops at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre. He then went on to complete a Bachelor or Graphic Design and Illustrations at Curtin University in Perth.

It was around 2005 that Leon became a company associate of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and was regularly working with the company in the capacity of making, design, workshops and performance. 

String Symphony was created by designer and puppet maker Leon Hendroff and is based on a smaller predecessor, String Duet. This large-scale version took four years of development and was finally presented in April 2017 with the support of the City of Joondalup.  

Spare parts2 Banner.jpgImage: Making the movement. Images by Danica Zuks. 

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