Secrets of the Golden Elm



Artist      The Electric Canvas     

The Golden Elm Tree of Central Park Gardens will come to life at night through the art of digital projection mapping, as visitors to Glow are invited to explore an enchanted universe. Taking inspiration from bioluminescent plants, as well as the fairytales that delighted us as children, we will infuse the Gardens with shimmering, gleaming and twinkling light.

The trunk and branches of the tree will be sculpted and transformed by colour and texture, enticing wonder and curiosity. This mesmerising experience will capture the imagination of festival-goers, both young and young at heart.

The image used above is a render and indicative of the artwork only. The artwork has been designed for a specific tree within Central Park, join us to see it come to life for the first time.


About the artist          

The Electric Canvas is an Australian company, recognised around the world as an expert in large-scale and architectural projection mapping. Established in 1997, we’ve been transforming places and spaces with images and light for more than twenty years.

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, the company is complete solution provider that brings together a unique combination of creative and technical disciplines to produce memorable site-specific experiences. The stories we tell, the experiences we create and the memories we help forge are the result of skilfully blending technical expertise with artistic vision.

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