Red Air

Artist     The Goldberg Aberline Studio  

Red Air is an art collaboration between Goldberg Aberline Studio (GAS), who create big, happy art, and First Nations Chedeetha artists Sharon and Kaye Warrie from the Pilbara Desert. The work is about finding a new voice for Australia. The songs are by Josie Alec. Red Air captures the spirit of the future where a First Nations culture merges seamlessly with our contemporary Nation. 

Proudly supported by City of Stonnington Diversity Team.

About the artist

The Goldberg Aberline Studio is Maurice Goldberg, who has a background in Architecture, and Matthew Aberline, who has a background in design for feature film and live events. Their work has travelled around Australia and internationally including most recently, New York for the World Trade Centre, and London for Saatchi Art.

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