Now Breathe (Prahran Square)

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Image: Preview of Now Breathe for its first viewing at this year's Glow Winter Arts Festival in June 2022.

By Resolution X 

View this stunning and immersive outdoor installation after dark at Prahran Square from 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Friday 03 June 2022 to Sunday 12 June 2022

Now Breathe will leave you considering the relationship between the oxygen we need to thrive and the beautiful natural surroundings we live in through the transformation of a forest into a living, breathing organism through the use of light, sound, vibrations and shadow. 

Now Breathe utilises cutting-edge, high-resolution lighting tubes that will become one with the surrounding natural elements in the urban forest section of Prahran Square. It's in the urban forest where it comes to life, mimicking the inhaling and exhaling sounds in a variety of settings throughout the activation. 

The tubes will begin to communicate with each other, gradually becoming systematic and calming, playfully dancing around the sound effects and melodic interludes in the surrounding soundscape; all culminating in a metamorphic moment where all our 'living' organisms begin to exist in unison in a beautiful, natural playground to explore. 

This fully accessible immersive installation includes over 250 live recorded breaths that can be enjoyed by walking along the pathway in the Urban Forest in Prahran Square.



About the artist 

Now Breathe has been created and produced by Jamie Russell, a Melbourne based live production designer and composer with a multitude of credits in a variety of settings, notably art, music and architectural activations.  

Jamie's passion for the median of light and the emotional response it can evoke is truly on display in his newest piece – Now Breathe - at Glow Winter Arts Festival 2022. 

Jamie is joined by co-collaborator David Bartholomeusz, a veteran theatrical Sound Designer, engineer and musician with over 20 years of experience right around the globe.  

Rounding out the creative team in the role of Lighting Director is Kait Hall, one of Australia's most talented and in-demand lighting designers for the entertainment industry. 

These artists come together for Resolution X, the country's preferred production supplier to the Art, Architectural, Live Music, Television, Theatre and corporate event scene. 

For over two decades, Resolution X has gained a reputation as Australia's go-to provider when quality and safety cannot be compromised, and they have extensive experience working with festivals, events, schools, houses of worship, television, theatre and corporate events.

Resolution X is renowned for investing in cutting edge technology to support its projects and is backed by the country's largest hire and production team.

In the media

Hear from Jamie Russell as he discusses the idea behind his installation at Prahran Square for JOY podcast. 

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