Neon Glow



Artist     Carla O'Brien 

Multi-coloured and oversized, these giant ‘Glow’ letters come to life utilising LED neon flex – a revolutionary new replacement for glass neon giving you an immersive 3D multi coloured experience. 

We have been working with Carla for a couple years now, and each year there is a different interpretation and adaption, so look out for this year’s GLOW. 

Bring your camera, this is a photographer’s delight.


About the artist

Carla O’Brien’s love for light art began in 2009 with her first visit to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, USA.  Using LED Neon Flex, a revolutionary replacement of traditional Glass Neon, she creates awe-inspiring neon art installations now seen at festivals, events and in peoples’ private collections.  Her highly interactive neon installations are crowd and social media favourites and were recently seen at QV Square in Melbourne in a month long exhibition NEON NIGHT GARDEN and at White Night Melbourne and Ballarat with NEON ANGEL WINGS and LOVE THIS WAY.

After 16 years living in Los Angeles, USA O’Brien is now based in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia and when not creating neon art, O’Brien is the resident Visual Artist for the ‘a day on the green’ concerts in vineyards across Australia creating an exciting array of art installations for guests to view and interact with. 

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