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Image: Preview of Monolith supplied by Skunk Control for its first viewing at this year's Glow Winter Arts Festival in June 2022.

By Skunk Control    

View this stunning and immersive outdoor installation after dark at Central Park from 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Thursday 16 June 2022 to Sunday 19 June 2022

And suddenly, the Monolith appeared! Venerable and towering, quietly providing for optimistic contemplation and reflection whilst itself undergoing a constant and visible metamorphosis.  

This is no quiet invasion but an invitation to explore, to discover and to look into a world that, like ours, is in flux and constant change, yearning for resolution and seeking insight. 

Light can be altered and affected; its passage through fine structures (as often found in nature as in the case of butterfly wings and the exoskeletons of beetles) can alter and redirect it, fracturing it to create glorious and vivid colour changes and colour spectrums. 

In monolith, light makes its way through optical materials with fine embedded structures that alter its pathway to create a landscape under constant colour metamorphosis.  

This metamorphosis can be gleamed through a portal, which provides the viewer with insight and access to this constantly altering vivid world. 

Monolith invites you to explore, reflect and gather one’s thoughts in a world where change never abates. Life is full of transitions with moments of revelation, insights and consequences; a constant metamorphosis of thoughts and actions.

About the artist

Skunk Control are a creative team of artists, educators, and engineers/scientists.  Drawing on their background in mechatronics, electronics, optics and alternative technologies, their works are designed to delight, provide opportunities for discovery and engage the sensors.  

The group has a fondness for all things left of field and for creations that try to convince you in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.  


Instagram: Skunk Control