Minor Disturbance



Artist     The Indirect Object      

Visually inspired the Great Barrier Reef, sonically inspired by ocean sounds, sonar pings, and Morse Code - Minor Disturbance is an interactive installation blending the awe-inspiring beauty of our oceans with the plastic pollution that threatens them. 

Every sculpture is handmade, unique in design and texture with a variety of interactive surfaces. Intricate inlays of recycled plastic bottles, bags, jars, or wire combine to suggest organic shapes, textures and patterns found in our reefs. The colourful designs are inspired by the natural fluorescence of corals, and blend with the interactive lights.

Proudly supported by City of Stonnington Sustainable Environment Team.


About the artist    

The Indirect Object is an award-winning arts group creating interactive installations, public activations, community engagement workshops, roving puppetry, and experimental performances. With a core team of collaborators, our work blends a handmade aesthetic with innovative technology to engage the senses. We present existing projects and develop new work for arts festivals and community events around Australia and abroad.

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